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NEWS AND EVENTS:   Deadline for submission of papers: Monday, January 15th, 2018     Announcement of accepted papers: Thursday, February 1st, 2018    Deadline for submission of research after the amendment: Thursday, February 15th, 2018    Deadline for registration at the conference: Tuesday April 10th, 2018    Two workshops:Thursday/Friday April 12th/13th, 2018    Conference timeline: Wednesday/Saturday April 11th/14th, 2018    Pre-Conference Workshop by CLICKS Building a Sustainable Quality Culture : From Internal Quality Assurance to External Accreditation 9th & 10th of April,2018 | The Lebanese International University,Bekaa,Lebanon    

Dean's Message

Dear Colleagues,

Under the high patronage of his excellency, General Michel Aoun, the Lebanese International University has the pleasure of inviting you to the Eighth International Arab Conference on Quality Assurance in Higher Education (IACQA' 2018) in the Arab World. The conference will be held at LIU, Bekaa Campus, Khyara, Lebanon between April 11 and April 14, 2018. The organizing committee is planning for conference rich in learning experiences, growth, and connectivity, which will provide the professional learning needed to help professors, scholars, and researchers excel. We will bring together the best minds in education to provide proven and practical strategies, connect members with both peers and experts to reinvigorate practice. This will be attained through a rich and varied program, including keynote and plenary sessions, oral and poster presentations, as well as interactive workshops related to the conference’s main tracks. Finally, everyone will get the chance to spend some memorable time in Lebanon with dynamic attractions and varied activities to enjoy.
We look forward to your attendance and participation which will surely enrich our conference and make it a success.

Head of the Conference
Dr. Anwar Kawtharani
Dean, School of Education

President Speech

Welcome to the Lebanese International University, the academic venue that reflects ambition and success under one banner, “Education for All.”

Four decades ago, we started our endeavor towards planning then building an academic hub in Lebanon, as we felt it is our responsibility to look for our society, namely the most vulnerable areas and provide them with a decent learning experience, as it is the right of every future generation to find its adequate place in an educational, scientific and healthy environment. Therefore, we worked on developing the capacities of our academic staff through activities, training sessions and workshops that contribute to shape their capabilities and help them gain the required confidence.

While raising the banner of quality education and standards especially in higher education, we worked hard so as not to have discrepancies between university education and secondary education. That’s why we focused on the adoption of effective standards at the level of infrastructure, curricula, teachers and educators. We have paid special attention for scientific research and our university students were able to invent a submarine, the first by Arab hands, in addition to many inventions produced by the scientific and academic environment created by our dedicated instructors and professors within the university in its nine campuses.

In the process of educational modernization, we have strived to shift from old paradigms of teaching to modern ones in which the student can be a pivotal partner in the conclusion and production of information, and the ability to acquire skills and competencies.

Quality assurance in higher education is an integrated process within a harmonious system from the management to the curricula, instructors, and equipments, in addition to the interaction with the community and the good use of human potential.

Looking forward to your participation to the Eighth International Arab Conference on Quality Assurance in Higher Education.

H.E. Abdel Rahim Mourad
Founder and President

High Committee of the Conference

  • HE Abdel Rahim Mourad, President of the Conference / Lebanese International University

  • Dr. Nidal Mahmoud Al-Ramhi, Secretary General of the Conference / Zarqa University

  • Dr. Magdy Hammadi, Chairman of the Committee of Trustees / Lebanese International University

  • Dr. Anwar Kawtharani, Head of Conference / Lebanese International University

  • Dr. Jabr al-Jabr, King Saud University / Member of the Council of the General Secretariat of the Conference

  • Dr. Ismail Yamin, Zarqa University / Member of the General Secretariat of the Conference

  • Dr. Khalid Al-Zaideen, Zarqa University / Member of the General Secretariat of the Conference

  • Dr. Maram Al-Safarini, Zarqa University / Member of the General Secretariat of the Conference

  • Ms. Mai Wehbe, Union of Arab Universities

Organization Committee

  • Dr. Nedal Al-Ramhi, Zarqa University /Secretary General of Conference

  • Dr. Anwar Kawtharani, Head of Conference/ Lebanese International University

  • Dr. Jabr Al-Jabr, King Saud University / Member of the Council of the General Secretariat of the Conference

  • Dr. Ismail Yamin, Zarqa University / Member of the General Secretariat of the Conference

  • Dr. Khaled Al-Zaideen, Zarqa University / Member of the General Secretariat of the Conference

  • Dr. Maram al-Safarini, Zarqa University / Member of the General Secretariat of the Conference

  • Ms. Suheir Yahya Dragameh, Secretariat of the Conference / Zarqa University

  • Dr. Samir Abou Nassif, Executive Member

  • Dr. Ali Tarabay, Executive Member

  • Dr. Ahmad Faraj, Academic Executive Member

  • Mr. Basem Hazimah, Administrative Director at Bekaa Campus

  • Ms. Dina Shouman, Chair of Conference

  • Dr. Hassan Khachfe, Chair of Scientific Committee

  • Dr. Hisham ElHage, Director of Quality Assurance,  Institutional Effectiveness & Accreditation (QAIEA)

  • Mr. Wael salloum, Associate Administrative Director FINACIAL AID and PUBLIC RELATION Director & Logistics Beirut

  • Mr. Ayman Dahrouj, Media & Public Relation Director-Bekaa

  • Mr. Haydar Mousalem, Head of IT and Data Base

  • Ms. Laila Manasfi, Head of Marketing, Sponsors & Promotion and Career Development

  • Mr. Mohamad Mortada, Graphic Designer & Online Community Manager

  • Ms. Nayrouz Meslem, Creative Director , LIU Printing Press

  • Ms. Nadine Nasrallah, Chair of Translation and Interpretation Department

  • president@liu.edu.lb, HE Abdelrahim Mourad
  • samir.abounassif@liu.edu.lb, Executive Vice President for Administrative Affairs for LIU
  • ali.tarabay@liu.edu.lb, Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs for LIU
  • khaled.mourad@liu.edu.lb, Director for all South Campuses (Saida, Tyre, Nabatieh)
  • ahmad.faraj@liu.edu.lb, Vice President for Academic Affairs–Bekaa Campus
  • tarek.harb@liu.edu.lb, Dean of School of Arts and Sciences
  • farid.abdallah@liu.edu.lb, Dean of School of Business
  • anwar.kawtharani@liu.edu.lb, Dean of School of Education
  • amin.hajali@liu.edu.lb, Dean of School of Engineering
  • mohamad.rahal@liu.edu.lb, Dean of School of Pharmacy
  • george.matta@liu.edu.lb, Academic Director-Tripoli Campus
  • gaby.khoury@liu.edu.lb, Academic Director-Mt.Lebanon Campus
  • hassan.khachfe@liu.edu.lb, Academic Director-Nabatieh Campus
  • saleh.abdulal@liu.edu.lb, Academic Director-Tyre Campus
  • hassan.hajjhussein@liu.edu.lb, Academic Director-Rayak Campus
  • basem.hazimah@liu.edu.lb, Administrative Director-Bekaa Campus
  • ahmad.ahdab@liu.edu.lb, Administrative Director-Tripoli Campus
  • khaldoun.ayoub@ye.liu.edu.lb, Administrative Director-Halba Campus
  • omar.mourad@liu.edu.lb, vice Director General of Al Ghad Al Afdal Institutions
  • wael.rabah@liu.edu.lb, Administrative Director-Nabatieh Campus
  • hussein.farhat@liu.edu.lb, Administrative Director-Tyre Campus
  • akram.albast@liu.edu.lb, Associate-Administrative Director-Rayak Campus
  • yasser.othman@liu.edu.lb, Director of Students’ affairs & Public Relations-Rayak Campus
  • wael.ayoubsalloum@liu.edu.lb, Associate Administrative Director FA and PR Director
  • ayman.dahrouj@liu.edu.lb, Media & Public Relation Director-Bekaa
  • haydar.moussalem@liu.edu.lb, Head of IT and Data Base
  • rania.baltagi@liu.edu.lb, Executive Assistant to the Vice President
  • zeina.haidar@liu.edu.lb, Human Resources Administrator Executive offices
  • Riad.aloqob@ye.liu.edu.lb, Dr. Aloqob of Riad (LIU Yemen)